Two different ways to derrive net income in temporal method

I’m shooting from the hip, so please correct me if I am wrong, and these are all translated figures: 1. Derive net income from beginning and ending balances of retained earnings and dividends paid: —> (beginning retained earnings - ending retained earnings - dividends) = net income 2. Derive net income from income statement: —> (sales - cogs - depreciation) = net income 3. If you still follow this, the remeasurement losss is the difference between these two net incomes…is that correct???

first statement is wrong… remember beginning RE + NI Translated - Dividends = Ending RE So NI Translated = Ending RE + Dividends Paid - Beginning RE. You have the signs messed up. 2nd statement is correct. And the methodology is also correct.

thanks, one step at a time, getting closer…