...two months to go

Hi Guys,

how do you improve scores on Ethics, I hamper around that… also Economics is a lot of effort for the small weight…

Kind regards


I wouldn’t stress perfecting economics for L1. As you pointed out, it has relatively little weight on your exam performance. Ethics is a matter of practice: get through as many practice problems as possible that tests both the core standards as well as the more fringe “recommended” practices.

The only way to answer Ethics is to do many practice questions, so you will develop a sense of CFAI’s moral thresholds. I can’t advise you on the rest. It was pretty easy, and I assume everyone should be able to do it with little effort.

Given you’re using Kaplan, hammer down on those Qbank quizzes. If I recall correctly, there were so many questions available in the Qbank for ethics that I couldn’t get through them all. Eventually you’ll start to recognize some patterns and get a better understanding of what to look for in the questions.

Flash cards also helped, but practice was the key. (This probably pertains to any other topic just as well)

As others have said, practice Qbank for ethics as much as possible. And when it comes to exam time realize that it still may not be clear and don’t get bogged down on any one question.