Two Questions- length and method of study.

So… signed up for Sept. 2009 without thinking too hard about it because my firm reimburses me if I pass. Now I realize I’m on the hook for over a grand if I don’t pass this mother so I’m worried a bit. 1. How long do I need to study for level 1? And like how intense is this? I gathered from posts it’s “easier than the CFA”, but that’s not helpful since depending on who you ask so is oral surgery and Palestine. 2. So I went and ordered the three bright screaming garish colored books they listed on the website. Are these like shelf-decoration at the office and i should order the schweser/uppermark/whatever cliff notes? Curious.

Mate, don’t worry too much about it. Put in about 150 solid hours then you would be fine. I spent about that amount of time and i felt, after the exam, that i have over studied. I passed with over 70% across all subjects using Schweser 99% of the time with occasional reference to the reference books. I used the reference books because it was free from my colleagues. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have brought it. For the sake of passing the exam, schweser notes, its Q-banks and practise exams are more than enough. 125-150 hours would be my recommendation but there is no harm studying for longer. Hope this helps; i would be happy to talk more if you have more questions.

Sparklala731, I am not starting for the next week. I’ve glanced over the material, looks fairly well laid out and nothing really complex. I wouldn’t worry to much at this point, go for a first pass-through of 60% - 70% and then nail it home with qbanks, mocks and the cue cards.