Two Week Left...

What’s your guys’ study plans for these last two weeks before we get our lives back?

I have the last book of 3 schweser practice exams, the last 3 years of real exams and the 2014 cfai mock. Don’t think there’s time for all that though. Need to sort this out…

I´m off work next week and plan to do Schweser Book 1 and some CFAI AM exams (4 remaining, if I´m not mistaken).

Mixed up a little: shortage of time creates pressure on learning, but facing the final exam (and hoping to pass) are really nice prospects!

Same plan and same problem: there won’t be enough time to do Schweser 4-6 and the last 3 years of real exams and 2014 PM mocks. Probably will skip Schweser (already did book 1) and instead trying to get some parts we might have to know (advantages, disadvantages, …) of the curriculum into my head.

Yea, skipping Schweser and doing the CFAI material sounds solid. Probably will do the individual and institutional IPS questions from the Schweser exams though for practice. Lots of points there that should be easy enough to get if well versed in doing those problems.

And agreed - gonna have to pound a lot of the qualitative stuff in these next couple weeks. One question last night asked 2 advantages of the resampled efficient frontier…was just totally blank. Don’t want that on test day.