Two years today

Well . . . it’s been fun so far.

Here’s to another good two years. Or so.


Another 10,308 AF points in the next 2 years

^Including or excluding “You’re welcome” posts?..

With all sincerity, S2000 has been a tremendous asset to this Web site.

There’s no question that S2000 will be the AF point leader on March 17th, 2017.

I notice a lot of other people are now acknowledging thank-yous.

I’m surprosed nobody’s yet complained here about my “Contratulations” posts.


Hahah yeah I remember one guy was raging at your “congatulations” posts “clogging up” the thread when the Dec L1 results came out…dude needed to alm the frig down haha…I for one quite liked all the congratulations flying around.

Haha wonder which email he got from the CFAI that morning

^strong first post on AF (welcome)

If it’s your last, then I’d also have to say it was your best.

edit: I see you’ve added more posts since then…

10,000+ posts in two years? It’s an illusion!

Anyone complaining about anything S2000 writes needs to gtfo. He is a godsend. Or perhaps, to avoid inflating his ego, I should say he is a “great help”.

Obviously, we’re just teasing the magic man.

I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about the guy that S666 was talking about.