Type 1 and type 2 error

Hello guys, can somone give me a tip to remeber the difference between those two. When I read this concept I understand it, but I have a hard time remebering the difference and I keep getting wrong asnwers on Qbank about this topic. There is no need to explain whats it means I just need a tip to effectively remeber it.

LOL, it is the common issue about type errors 1 and 2.

I have a tip to remember it (I always use it) what is this:

When you are young you can fall in love with many girls but at the end you break up with all of them. The problem is that maybe one of them was your real life love. This is type 1 error (Reject the true)

When you are finally an adult and get married you could have chosen bad and happens that your wife is not your real life love. This is type error 2. (Accept the false)

I know this is funny, but effective :smiley:

Note: Remember both cases type errors are probability of…


Draw a little table like this (below). The true state is how the world really is (Ho is false or true) and the Action refers to what you conclude from your test. If you reject Ho when Ho is true, you’ve made a Type I error (row 1, column 1-- TYPE I error)… If you reject Ho and Ho is false, this would be correct…If you accept Ho (but we don’t, we just fail to reject–there is a difference) when Ho is true, this would also be correct…If you Accept Ho, but Ho is false, you have made a Type II error (row 2, column 2—TYPE II error).

True state

Ho True Ho False

_ Action _

_ Reject Ho _ Type I error Correct Decision

_ Accept Ho _ Correct Decision Type II error

Hope this helps!

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Thanks everyone. This was really helpful I appreciate it.

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How i remember this is as follows:

A) We always say ‘True or False’ (i.e in this order)

B) The error relates to the null hypothesis

Thus Case 1: Null Hypothese is actually TRUE (the error then must be that we reject it when it is true) - Type 1

The point here being H0 is TRUE for type 1 as TRUE comes first as per how we say ‘True or False’

Case 2: Null Hypothesis is False (the error then must be that we accept it given it is true) - Type 2. False is second so this is the seond (type 2 error).

Hope this also helps you.

I’m a pessimist so I always just remember the word _ ‘rejection’ _. Type 1 Error = _ Rejectio _n of a correct hypothesis. Type 2 Error = Accept an incorrect hypothesis.

The way I managed to remember this since early stats-class in uni;

My idea is people always want to overestimate their findings. Hence accept the H1 and reject H0. Type I. Thus the most common

Type 1 is also known as “incorrect rejection” and Type 2 is also known as “incorrect acceptance”

Both start with the word incorrect, hence the error. Everyone knows it’s better to be #1 than #2 so it was a mistake to reject 1 and also a mistake to accept 2. So maybe you can associate the terms that way. Anyway, that’s how I remember them.

This is great. I was actually tossing some laundry in tonight and trying to remember, “what did that forum post say about love and type 1 errors?” Sure enough, I remembered thanks to your trick. Extremely helpful, thank you.