Type 1 and Type 2 error

What is an easy way to remember type 1 and type 2 errors?

You’re the star employee but you have an insecure boss so he fired you. Now, all that’s left in the company are duds.

He committed both type I and type 2 errors-

Type 1: Kept people who had no value add

Type 2: Fired people who added value

Easy way to remember…

Wrongly rejeCt - one C in it, Type I

Wrongly aCCept - two C’s in it, Type II

Type 1: You see something that isnt there. (You see value in a NO value manager).

Type 2: You don’t see something that is there. (You don’t see value in a great manager).

Jordan’s one C and two CC is pretty awesome.

I’ll take the credit but it is from Fitch!

Someone posted this before and it works for me:

Type 1 :

Do ( one word) reject null hypothesis that manager does not add value.

Type 2 :

Do not ( two words) reject null hypothesis that manager does not add value.

Well, if you work for a company that had multiple rounds of layoffs, then it is easy to remember.

All the good people laid off are type 2 errors.

My hueristic is “keep one / fire both (two)”

^ good one. Keep one. Fire two!

Type one: you’re in your mid life crisis. Just bought yourself the cheapest Porches you can get. You have an ugly wife. By no means you are going to fire the pretty blonde lady, or the brunette whose qualifications go as deep as her cleavage.

type two: you hate to the bones that dude who always challenge you in meetings and talks jibirish stuff about Monaco simulation, David letterman model, and Frontiers Land sketch. The fool recommends to sell your holdings in the mighty Lehman Brothers. You fire him.

Type “hey, my eyes are up here”: you hire the sister of the brunette who just had her qualifications ( both of them ) upsized to double D, to fill the vacancy of the dude.

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Credit goes to magicskyfairy -

If you said that he was poo, but it simply wasnt true, then that is a number 2.

that’s amazing. will never forget that