Typical CFA Sample Question

A forward is trading at $100. It should be valued at $105. Is their a profitable arbitrage opportunity for Joe Trader? A. Yes B. No, because Joe Trader cannot borrow at the RFR and thusly will have to put forward cash to make the trade which technically is not arbitrage. C. No, because the other party may default leaving no profits D. Maybe. And if you had read vol 2, page 321, footnote 3, you would know this was the correct answer Is Profesionalism part of the Code of Ethics and Standards? A. Yes B. No, becuase it is just part of the Standards C. No, because there it is actually “professionalism.” “Profesionalism” is not part of the standards. D. No, because it is incorporated into the standards but not a part of the standards T/G


Good stuff.

lotta b%$ching about the first mock going on - is that what this is about T/G/?

haha, yeah, got my ass handed to me on sample 2, not too happy about it T/G

are these CFAI questions?

“are these CFAI questions?” Dont count on it.

What’d you pull on the second CFAi Sample?

Haha nice, I concur.

60 - it was pretty ugly T/G

Or from a more obtuse angle, how about: A severely wounded, dead gazelle lies next to a guilty-looking Lion on the grass plains of Africa. Was the gazelle most likely: (a) Given a friendly nibble; (b) killed my the Lion; © a Victim of the laws of the animal kingdom which are not the same as our own laws; or (d) killed my a monkey with a gun. Your answer (b) was incorrect. Always consider the potential impact of a monkey with a gun which may or may not be invisible.

LOL, wait i take it back , I thought you had “your answer (D) was incorrect” that would have been much funnier in light of the erroneous sample 2 ethics q.