Typically Are Business Valuation Careers Lucrative?

I’m not really interested in being a business valuation professional. However these guys who earnded both CFA and ASA were retained to value warrants for my firm. The work seems somewhat interesting. I’m just curious if these guys are well paid or not or average i.e. >= 150-200k plus range for experienced pros? How does business valuation comp compare to other valuation intensive careers e.g. securities analysis, IB, etc. Also, I know there are threads about this topic on AF. I can’t find them. Anybody have any links.

Sorry Gouman, no links for you. I don’t know about the US but here in SA the pay scale is very wide and largely depends on the name of the firm you work for and how far you are will to stick your neck out. Here in Cape Town, Deloitte has a big valuations business, which gets involved in legal disputes, liquidations and all the rest. My firm is more ‘low key’, shoots for a different client base and does not get involved in any dispute situations. The result is that Deloitte gets much bigger bucks, but we sleep easier. That being said, I am out of here in two months time to find some more action in the UK. Small friendly valuations can still be challenging but after a wile you need bigger fish to fry.