U.S Job Market for Finance/Accounting Grads

Hello there,

I have been lurking on this forum for a long time now and did not post much. Just to give you a background of myself. I graduated from Ryerson University in Canada with Accounting Major and Finance minor, in June 2015. I still have to take one more class for CPA purposes which i will in September. Also, I have taken CFA level 1 in June 2015. My goal is to pursue both CPA and CFA but work in the finance field…i.e banking.

Before graduating, I got a job as an accouting for a NFP in Toronto, and have 1 year of experience to date. I am seriously looking for new opportunities but there are not many in Canada compared to U.S. I have been thinking of moving out to U.S for my career but don’t know if it will be any beneficial for me. What are some of the things I should do to increase my chance of landing a better job…in Toronto or U.S? I am registered on LinkedIN, but are there any other sites for networking?

What are some of the options I have?

Will I be wasting time if I apply to U.S job posting with Canadian address?

Thanks for reading

H. Ali

Hi H. Ali,

I think this is when a good cover letter could be very effective. For example, for any positions you apply for in the US, you should state in your cover letter that you are seeking the best available career opportunity and that you are willing to relocate immediately. Also, it may be beneficial to put a note by your address (if possible) in one of the fields in your online applications: “Available to relocate to the greater XYZ area immediately.” Good luck.