U4 10 year employment history

U4 Disclosure Question

So I recently accepted a position where I will be working toward my Series 7 and Series 63 licenses. I already passed the company background check. I am starting in 2 weeks.

I listed my 10 years of employment on the background check, however I left one out (we’ll just say “the restaurant”)… I worked at the restaurant for 5 months in 2017 and was fired. I was still technically on the payroll for company B (a temp service) from 2015-2017. After I got fired from the restaurant I did some more work with the temp service.

I figured it would be fine to not even include that I ever worked at the restaurant on the background check since my dates at the temp service technically covered that timeframe. I think it would have ruined my chances of getting hired had I added it. It seems to have worked because my boss from the temp service verified the dates.

Will any of this matter on the U4? Would this be something that FINRA might look into? I’m a little worried it would make me lose out on the first career opportunity that I’ve ever had. Everything else has been shitty restaurants or warehouse jobs. Think I’m good?

Take a deep breath, you’re fine. Total non-issue. If it ever randomly somehow came up just say you did not think that experience was applicable and it was your side job, but it won’t come up so just forget about it.