UFC 223

First Furgerson now Holloway Out. The hammer pulled. McGregor arrested.

On the good news, my training partner is now on the main card


read about the mcgregor thing online and laughed - the guy has always been a tool & his fan base is generally douchers like him… what is this wwe?


do you smellllllllllllllllllllll, what the rock is cookinG!

Bochniak - representing broadway bjj and welches

Cool! He must be 2 divisions lighter than you. Are you two pretty even on the mats - have you tapped him out?

I should note im not a fighter, just a white collar desk jockey who wanders into a gym now and then but yeah i have usually over 40-50lbs on him. Despite this, he can handle his own when we are wrestling. Never really rolled with him that much, we had plenty of bigger guys in the bjj training (not as many want to wrastle)

Some times I wonder how unreasonable it would be to break into the ufc for at least one non title fight, if someone was to go and train full time for some years, work at an mma gym etc. I feel like there’s at least one or two guys at every gym trying for it in the cities, and there are a lot of fights going on. Like just for example, bochniak is only a blue belt in bjj and has been training since 2010 apparently.

Bochniak, I’ll send my good vibes his way then. Interesting match up

^he’s a purple but let me make this clear, these guys are leaps and bounds in terms of athletic standards and quite frankly, for mma, a lot of it comes down to innate ability. To further illustrate, Jon Jones, Cormier, McGregor - all bjj white belts.

Perhaps. Some guys just have those really good genes going on.

Do I look like a douche to you? Ouch bro.

(not serious).

But he’s probably going to be laughing his way out of court ($$$) - but most definitely broke by 40.

I still kind of like McGregor though and I think it’s bizarre that this incident has turned everyone against him. It’s classic Attitude Era WWF stuff.

Hearing lots of chat about Mayweather McGregor happening in the Octagon but with no kicks, elbows or take downs. It’s a total joke but I’ll probably still buy it.

According to some people close to him, he’s actually a nice guy IRL, this is all a persona he’s putting up to get more exposure. He probably realize he fucked up with the bus incident accidentally broke the window and cut up a bunch of people.

He’s messing with a different breed of people tho, those guys in Dagestan do not mess around. Their culture is usually one of two things, either you train or you venture “into the woods” - meaning you join the Islamic State.


That was the impression I got, that he was trying to be a heel. He seemed to have a lot of fun too, doing things like the sparring with the Mountain. I’m just surprised and disappointed that he did something like this.

Im surprised too. I watched a Netflix bio on him that made him look like a reasonable lad.

Maybe he lost it? Odd. Or maybe this was planned and it escalated.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on cocaine or something. But it sounds like he may have come all the way from ireland to have some altercation? That makes it seem a bit more premeditated.

usually I’d say that a group or Crumlin boys can more than handle themselves but the combination or Islam + Russia + years of brutal conflict in the region makes them a people you don’t want to fuck with