Ugly Chick in the Office

The other day I had my office’s door open and was hearing just outside this chick and a dude talking, and the chick was asking him a number of rather personal questions, presumably expecting some reciprocity. Her tone of voice sounded interested in this guy, and although he was politely answering, he didn’t really sound interested in her at all. Still she was trying to get his attention. I thought: “she has to be butt ugly; no pretty girl would insist that much”, so I went out to grab some coffee and test my hypothesis, and yeah, the girl was ugly like sh!t. I wanted to make eye contact with the guy to let him know I understood the uncomfortable situation, but I barely could contain my laughs.

The point is: ugly chicks should pay for a bo0b job, drop weight, and that’s it. Live the full extent of happiness.

I knew a really ugly girl back in business school. She had ultra stellar grades and activities on her resume and got all the interviews for all the jobs she applied for. But after literally 100+ interviews, she got 0 job offers.

The reason is because as soon as you see her, your immediate gut reaction is “oh god, that’s ugly. I really don’t want to see that every day”

She should have spent the $200k for business school on plastic surgery. that is all I can say.

I think somewhere, SheFA’s shoelace snapped just as you posted this…

Rule of the land as stated in Analyst Forum applies laugh:

Being Born Wealthy > Being Jewish or WASPY > Born Pretty > Top 5 MBA > CFA > Avg MBA > Born middle class > Born lower class > Born in crack house > Born middleclass in Asia and working in IT but looking to switch to buyside > Homie hustlin’ escort service flyers in Vegas > Bum digging in MCD trash > CPA

Can we call that the Extended Tikka Analysis?

Ok. That’s pretty sad actually.

lots of ugly women make it…i think more ugly women make it than not…look at the ceo (ex.) of Avon, that was a man…

No way. Subtract 20 yrs from her and she would be an HCB

*SOME* ugly women make it. But it’s far easier and faster for a hot girl to make it - hands down

palantir, are you serious? that Jung was a man 20 years ago…