This isn’t looking good…

get a hold of yourself, we’lll all be ok.

All gains wiped out in 3 days.

So much for good economic data this morning, but I guess no one likes backward looking data! How do we end the fear in teh market? We need at least a week of slightly positive performance to regain trust…of Joe the plumber

SDS for teh WIN!

All aboard the train to 6500

Joe was on every major newscast this morning, I hope he shamelessly plugs his new biz, should more than make up for the tax hit he’s worried about taking when obama moves into the white house. S&P is down over 4% now, I wonder what band aids will come out this weekend… 4.5%; I should learn to type faster in these markets.

They need to keep Paulson off TV for the love of GOD!!!

Big Babbu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > All aboard the train to 6500 +1

What will the price of GS be at Dow 6500? Around $50?