UK Acid attacks on the rise

London has some weird fads. At least no guns though right?

I guess they use acid attacks when they want to harm the victim significantly, but don’t want to kill them. Probably the penalty for murder is much higher.

Silver lining: That woman with the burned face whose husband left her…she’ll fit right in with this crowd.

Strange folk habits. Not European actually.

yeah, this is worrying. and conviction rates are very very low as the victims are usually on their own and momentarily (or permanently) blinded by the attack and the weapon is just a liquid in a bottle so it can be disposed of pretty easily. Even if they’re caught, current UK law only allows relatively short sentences but they’re changing it soon to allow for tougher sentencing.

also, it seems to be pretty localised in certain ethnic groups. that’s not reported at all or even referred to in the media reports though because it would be terribly un pc. much like that whole nastiness in Rotherham