UK - CFA Level 1 Study Group - remotely -

Hi All

I have started studying for the CFA Level 1 Aug 2021 sitting and was wondering if there would be any one looking to join a WhatsApp study group - UK based so we can work towards the Aug 2021 exam date together and helpfully motivate and help each other along the way.

The minute I get one person, I’ll create the Group and get it all up and running.

Drop me message if anyone is interested.


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I too have got my level 1 set for august 2021 so if your group is still going I would love to join.




I’ve had to push my exam to November 2021 as I had missed the early exam date.

Happy to set a group up. Drop me your number and we can start one up.


I am UK based and sitting CFA L1 in Nov 21.

My email is:

Drop me a line so I can join your whatsapp please!

hey there,

I am also registered to write in Nov 2021. please add me to the group +268 78029018