UK Charterholders - IMC Question

last thread i could find on this was from 5 yrs ago…

do you think it’s beneficial to get IMC if you are a foreigner and plan to move to the UK? unit 1 looks helpful from a regulatory perpsective and it looks like I can get exempted from unit 2 since I have the charter. as noted in prior threads, it doesn’t look very hard, but might be nice to have in your back pocket.

i’ve seen a decent amount of job posts saying (IMC, CFA, etc) as requirements, but wondering if it’s a “hard” requirement?


I started off in back office and done what was then the IAQ and shortly followed up with the IMC, it won’t shoot the lights up, but no harm in having it. IAD might be better suited as it makes you RDR compliant if looking to provide advice in a client facing role… Depends what you want to do. I’m doing the CFA at present whilst working as a discretionary portfolio manager.