UK custom charges for Schweser

Did anyone get charged by custom with Essential/Premium solution? How much was the charge? By how many days was your delivery delayed because of that? Thanks again guys

No charges for text books, but CDs are charged at approx 20%. In addition, UPS will hit you for approcimately £15 handling charge. I had to pay it on the MP3s and video CDs. No delay involved, but sensible to have cash or a cheque book for the delivery day.

15£ = 20% of the discounted cost of MP3s. Is this legal at all?

Well, in the end, my materials arrived today. One good news and one bad news: The good one is that no custom charges have been added. The bad one is that I received Level I materials … :confused: I called their customer service and they said that the Level III materials will be shipped tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I have a question: I couldn’t find the label outside of the box named “This package inspected by”. The only thing beside the UPS label is a green label with some codes: ODC, CCR, LVS, … Do you know where it exactly is?