UK exit polls show hung parliament

No, not a parliament where all members have 10" porks, a parliament where no party has a majority. This is the second recent potential major polling embarrassment for the Conservative party - the first being the referendum that gave rise to Brexit in the first place. Expect the PM to resign (again) if the exit polls reflect the actual election results.

why cant they just be friends and pass legislation together

The UK is a complete joke at this point. In a lot of ways I’m glad the Tories lost the majority as it shows that at least some of the population have a soul but on the other hand it will make Brexit negotiations even more difficult.

May won’t resign. As much as us Brits love making people resign there really isn’t anyone else in that party that could take the reigns.

Disappointing results in Scotland with the SNP losing seats. Huge tactical error from them to not raise the cut off for the 40% income tax rate in line with the rest of the UK. Constituencies with a higher proportion of high earners have flocked to Tory funnily enough. Independence looks a long way off now.

lol DJT and Boris Johnson holding hands being fat idiots together as leaders would b a sight to be seen. What a joke.

Oh goody, a coalition with the Democratic Unionists from Northern Ireland whose hit list includes: opposed to same-sex marriage, anti abortion,climate change denial, and pro-creationism being taught as science. for f ucks sake

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