Ultimate frustration

See the message below that I just posted on General Discussion but I think this deserves a space here on the Level III as well. ----------------- Well, get this. During our monthly team meeting this morning, my partner (my boss) put “shoot - CFA” as a bullet point on the last slide of the presentation along with all the other misc. items. And then when he finally got there, he said, shoot passed the level 3 of the CFA exam and now shoot and xx (one of my colleague who just got a CMA designation) will go down to the road of certified financial analyst or something… OMG, I got so irritated about the fact that xx’s CMA has turned into CFA and also he didn’t care enough to know what CFA stands for. Anyway, I didn’t feel acknowledged at all. I corrected him about the two facts but I still feel mortified. BTW, he’s a CPA along with a bunch of people in that room. I didn’t feel like correcting him on that he had misused the CFA designation on several grounds. At this point who cares.

you should have called him an a$$clown. Usually works for me.

LukeBBC251 - Believe me, I already did and some more. But my phone was on mute.

comparing CMA with a CFA is like comparing a cent to 100 dollars BTW: I know how these CPAs think… But sincerely me being a Chartered accountant(CPA of sorts),and a management accountant(CMA of sorts) would be 100% serious when i say that these are really nothing as compared to successfully completing CFA… if ever possible(when u leave this crap boss), give him a kick up his ass BEST OF LUCK!

you guys are all in Canada, aren’t you? CA, CMA are all Canadian designations, or also US? I used to work with lots of CAs in Toronto and they always made comments to make the CFA desgination look as the crapiest.

George, CA/CMA are Canadian designation, as you may have (very cleverly, I must say) deduced from the fact they start with a C. Now, CA stands for Canadian Accountant, CMA stands for Canadian Mickeymouse Arsehole. The US conterparts are UA and UMA.