Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp – Omaha - June 8th-15th, 2019

LevelUp CFA Bootcamps

Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp – Omaha - June 8th-15th, 2019


The Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp experience is a total immersive educational, cram session for the Level III CFA exam. The class will be limited to 40 candidates. Candidates that chose this review will change their exam locations to Omaha, NE. Why? The Omaha exam center has less than 20 CFA Level III candidates taking the exam. The stress is low and like the “Cheers” bar…everyone knows your name. Additionally, the exam center is located directly across the street from the Marriott hotel.

The agenda for the Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp is simply hard work. We will cover the detailed aspects often tested in the candidate curriculum, we will work the difficult white text problems (found inside the CFA candidate readings), blue box examples, end of reading practice problems but most importantly we will work past exam questions. We will learn the topic then practice how to answer the exam question. So many candidates are “mis-led” on how to answer the questions with “fewer words to earn more points” but that is farthest from the truth. We will cover the “theory and practice” of exam solutions, we will cover the hidden traps candidates make on the exam. Hidden traps are “blind spots” in the exam where candidates don’t see the points they are missing or make mistakes they didn’t know they were making. The primary emphasis of the Ultimate BootCamp is working problems and quickly providing the best solutions to earn maximum points in the least amount of time.

Instructor: Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA


  • Membership for the LevelUp Jumpstart videos from date of sign-up (includes Focus Material Book & Core Curriculum Slide Book)
  • 9 nights in the Omaha Marriott Residence Inn Aksarben Village (Friday, June 7th check-n to Sunday, June 16th check out)
  • Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and all day beverages
  • Exam day lunch prepared and ready for you once you are finished with the morning exam
  • Post-exam gathering at Marc’s home

Not Included:

  • Transporation costs (air and taxi)
  • Dinners except where we might go out as a group

Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp Agenda

Course agendas are identical for all Ultimate courses, regardless of location or venue. The ebb and flow may change slightly each day based on candidate questions.

Course Materials Included

LevelUp Core Curriculum Slide Book™

The best and most comprehensive presentation slide book used to cover all aspects of the Level III CFA® Program curriculum. These color slides provide you with the details that make a difference and help with memory recall on your exam day. The slide book gives directions to highly relevant exhibits, “BlueBox” and “Bridge” examples and problem sets in the candidate curriculum that is critical to mastering the material, and ultimately earning all the points possible on the exam. In addition, the slides tie together all aspects of the candidate curriculum into one amazing comprehensive and integrated review. No other review provider had one person construct the entire deck of slides from beginning to end as these do showing a seamless integration between topics.

IPS Return Calculation Workshop™

Time tested and decade proven methodology to master the IPS return calculation on the Level III CFA® exam. This method will help you earn the maximum points, minimize your time, give the graders an easy method to grade your solution and most importantly build your confidence for the remaining morning essay portion of the exam.

Focus Material Book™

A step by step “road map” for your final prep for the June exam. Don’t work through the month of May and June without it!

Exam strategies, time management techniques and the infamous exam blind spots and traps where I will show you how NOT to make valuable mistakes and fail to earn points on exam day.

Included Course Materials are identical for all Ultimate courses, regardless of location or venue.

Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp Venue

Residence Inn by Marriott – Omaha

Aksarben Village

1717 South 67th Street

Omaha, NE 68106

Located in the heart of Omaha, this Residence Inn by Marriott is part of a vibrant new mixed-use urban development. Only a few steps outside our door, you will find educational and corporate campuses, including the new Baxter Arena, University of Nebraska at Omaha, the Scott Conference Center, HDR HQ, First Data Corporation, Peter Kiewit Institute, Pacific Life and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Experience eclectic local restaurants including Ponzu, Jones Bros Cupcakes & Café, DJ’s Dugout, VooDoo Taco, Eat Fit Go, Freshii and Spirit World. Aksarben Cinema, voted the best of Omaha is steps away. Walk, run or bike on Omaha’s paved trails (Keystone Trail), located just 2 blocks away. Genesis Fitness is available for use with no extra charge for those staying at the Residence Inn. Lotus House of Yoga is also located directly across the street with classes available for a nominal charge.

Travel Considerations

Arrival date: Friday, June 7th

Departure date: Sunday, June 16th

All transportation costs are the responsibility of the candidate

Airport: Omaha Eppley Airfield

Taxi and ride shares (Uber & Lyft) to the hotel are $24.50 each way and takes approximately 15 minuted from airport to hotel

Course Price: $5,899

Reserve Your Spot Today (Limited to 40 Candidates)

Got to chime in here. When you’re cramming for a CFA exam, you’ve already failed at preparation. In addition, if you need to drop close to 6 grand on a week-long Hail Mary prep course to pass an exam, you probably should reconsider your career choice. After all, the CFA exams are not rocket science.

If there is market for this, it means that there a few candidates who take this way too seriously…$6k for a week long bootcamp…

price is what you pay. value is what you receive.

Also, many people have employers who will pay for this. If I could get away with it, I would do it in a heart beat.

especially if their job security depends on them getting the charter. thankfully (i guess), mine don’t. uncle sam has low employee standards over here by the hill :slight_smile:

I doubt this. Paying for registration and exams fees is a standard practice but shelling out 6k for a prep-class? I don’t think so.

wow the same characters here

It’s limited to 40 people, I’m sure 40 people have employers who’ll pay for this. The downside is that if your employer pays for this…and you don’t pass, you might be looking for a new job.

It’s absurd. But so are the people on AF spending close to $6k by signing up to multiple different study providers.

Here’s my take on it.

Is it expensive? Yes.

Is it effective? Probably; it is Marc after all.

It really comes down to your value of your time I guess and how efficient you are at studying. If you’re super efficient then, no need for this for sure. But if your job and career depends on you passing L3 beacuse you’re the VP of xyz firm and you have a full-time job at home as a father or mother or single parent then yeah, I can see how this would look really attractive but it would (or should) help you get to your end-goal (passing) faster than if you were to be solely relying on independent study.