UM L2 Online Classes

Does anyone else that is taking UM L2 online classes find it very difficult to follow along/concentrate with the instructor seemingly being sick every week?

Not trying to be harsh, especially with everything going on, but I initially thought it was a temporary cough, which seems to have persisted for months now. I am more so worried about the final review classes in a couple of weeks given the longer sessions on consecutive days.

Though it could just be irking me and nobody else, any tips for how you’re successfully dealing with this would be welcomed! (sounds weird, i know)

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I am totally with you on this. On one hand, let me just say that if there is an issue with the Instructor in terms of health, I feel really bad for her. That said, the whole online class experience with UM has been awful. Multiple classes postponed due to webex issues, and the constant coughing makes it really difficult to concentrate and absorb the information being communicated. I’m already at the point where I’ve given up trying to follow along live, instead allocating 45 minutes to an hour on the replay at various points. The final review classes, I’m afraid, will end up being much the same as we’re experiencing during the weekly classes, if not worse.

Incidentally, I did email UM’s general inquiry address expressing my displeasure with the multiple classes that were moved from Saturday to Sunday, but did not receive any response.


Oh boy, I could have written your post, OP.

I hope the professor is okay and didn’t have a serious health issues. But that said, it is so incredible distracting listening to the hacking and sniffling for 3.5+ hours.

Also I live on the US West Coast and this starts at 6 AM for me. It has been soooo brutal to get up early Saturday meeting only to have to get up early again Sunday morning. How can it be so hard to have a Webex link that works? And I have to give up both mornings and not get to sleep in either day?. Brutal!

The PPT materiels are really good and I am planning on spinning through those sort of like Flashcards as we get closer to Exam Day. But the classes themselves are pretty worthless, I am not able to maintain focus for 4 hours during these, my wife hears it and commiserates with me after every class cause she can hear how brutal it is to listen to.


I haven’t seen any notifications on when the remaining testbank or volume 3 will be available, have you all? Also, do you know which dates the final classes will take place?

They just sent an email yesterday, Vol 3 supposed to be mailed this week.

Thank you!

are you folks on this review? it’s truly unbearable, started ok but is getting worse by the minute. Can’t imagine i will spend time coming to tomorrow’s session.

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I hate to beat a dead horse, but today represented a new low for these courses. We were supposed to cover 1-4, instead only got through 1-2 over the 4 hours. At that pace, tomorrow’s course will take 14 hours to get through the remaining 7 topics. Every week, it’s something new (personal issues, sickness, power outages, IT issues, etc). People like this can’t cut it in the real world so they stick to the world of academia…the main issue is that she stops for EVERY single question, and many of the questions are fairly basic. The way to do it is, open it up to questions at the end of every section, and simply reference the slide # along with the question. This way, it’s much more efficient, and those who understand the section can take a few minutes to get a drink, hit the restroom, etc.


Folks this is so crazy-slow. Hey at least she’s not coughing as much as she was back in Dedember, ugh.

If you noticed the material was only Topics 1 & 2 today, they didn’t have the material ready for 3&4, so that’s why it wasn’t in the class today, it had nothing to do with the time running out. I wonder if they will have the rest of the material ready tomorrow?

I bet they add a class next Saturday because they won’t have the material ready and can’t finish the lecture on Subday, but mainly cause they won’t have the material. Anyone want to bet me on that??? Anyone??

So crazy, they are like George RR Martin writing the last 2 books of Game of Thrones, it is late!

Is Sunday going to be 10 hours long? Stay tuned, your guess is as good as mine. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

PS: I’m so thankful for this thread, for the first few classes I was wondering if maybe I was the crazy one, enduring week after week of new crazy ■■■■ happening randomly, coughing fits, with super-long pauses, not knowing WTF is going on half the time, etc. And then last week she drops it on us that she was awake the entire night before and had been awake for 36 hours straight, WTF?? What am I supposed to do with that information?

It’s really crazy, like literally crazy. I’m glad you guys validated that I’m not the crazy one, lol.

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I believe that you are correct regarding the material not being ready for today, which I can’t understand since wouldn’t they just build it off of the lecture notes that they already have? I’ve decided to pull the plug on these courses, as I have 10 days until test day and I’m not going to drive myself crazy dealing with the ongoing shenanigans that seem to singularly impact this woman and her “business.”

Haha you’re bailing, I can’t blame you.

I just checked before class and topic 1-4 are there but not 5-9.

Edited to add…haha, she is in fact having another session. They still don’t have notes for topics 5-9 ready, but that is not the nominal reason they’re giving. Good times!

So would you all say its not worth it to go back to the classes if you haven’t listened in on them yet? In the review now but feel like I don’t want to miss anything. But maybe its not worth the time and rather do review questions.

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