Unable to register for CFA Level 2

Hi everyone! I have been trying to register for CFA Level 2 November 2021. When I try to login, they say that my account has been locked since it has been inactive for a while (which is true, because I cleared Level 1 in December 2017 and then took a break). So I had to write an email to the CFA Institute for unlocking my account. I have written the email, tried to call them multiple times, but no response. The deadline for registering in 20 July 2021!

Did anyone go through something similar and were they allowed to register after the deadline was crossed? Any tips/suggestions would be helpful. Should I give up on being able to sit for Level 2 in November 2021?

My friend was in same situation. She tried to register CFA level 3 in Nov as early bird but CFA website did not verify her password. She tried many way and then had to email to CFA for support. They replied her after 2-3 weeks but at that time the early bird offer was over. So I think you should tried other way to contact to CFA asap.

I’m experiencing the same problem. My account was inactive for 2 years and it is locked now. Tried many times to reset the password but didn’t work. I emailed CFA institute 2 days ago, tried calling several times but didn’t go through. And the registration deadline is today! So frustrating!

So should we assume that we have missed November 2021? :pensive:

I read from some recent posts people said that they could reach via call but waiting time > 1 hour. I’m not that patient though. Gonna wait for the email response :frowning:

Hi, I tried calling on the toll free number as well, but haven’t been able to get through despite waiting for about 2 hours. They did reply to my email, but there still seem to be technical difficulties and now we are minutes away from the deadline! So not sure what else can be done. Any progress for you?

No progress from my side. Seems that we missed the deadline. Let’s wait for the email feedback if they can make an exception for our cases. :four_leaf_clover:

Hey. I was able to reset my password and register for the exam. They replied over email. So best to wait for the email feedback! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! That’s good. I still can not log in. Gonna send them a reminder.