Unable to register for the exam

Hello Everyone, I am not sure if I should write in here. I am actually trying to register for the CFA level 1 exam for last 2 days. Yesterday I couldnt pay because it did not accept any of my credit cards (i tried 3 different credit cards). Today I cant access the ‘My account’ page. I am registering for the exam second time (gave my exam in june 2009) for December ‘09. When I click the ‘CFA program Exam Registration’ link for your level’ … it says “Access to seibel is denied. This generally happens if the siteminder user does not have access to Seibel. Please try again in a new browser window.” I understand the last date is August 21. I am really worried now and I think there is a problem on the website. Is anyone else facing the same problem? The exam registration was also closed for 3 days until August 18. Please help.

Not having this problem but I have found that you get much faster replies if you go through your countries specific CFA group - email them to contact the CFA directly and they will probably call you about it! Or ring the helpline: (800) 247-8132

Yes… ringing the helpline would be best option.!!

Thanks people. My payment got through :slight_smile:

compare to the hassle you went through comes the easy part, studying for it.