Uncontrollable Vomiting and Urination

But at least I remember intrinsic PE!!

Some people have all the luck… T/G

intrinsic PE = normal PE + franchise PE normal PE = 1/r franchise PE = (1/r + 1/ROE)(g / r-g)

I think franchise PE is (1/r - 1/ROE) T/G

Intrinsic P/E = [1/r] + [1/r - 1/ROE]*[g/(r-g)]

dinesh.sundrani Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Intrinsic P/E = [1/r] + [1/r - 1/ROE]*

dinesh.sundrani Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Intrinsic P/E = [1/r] + [1/r - 1/ROE]*[g/(r-g)] Or the alternatively but mathematically identical formula just to add to the confusion: Intrinsic P/E = [1/r] + [(ROE-r)/(ROE*r)]*[g/(r-g)]

naaah…i prefer Intrinsic P/E = [1/r] + [(ROE-r)/(ROE*r)]*[ROE*RR/(r-(ROE*RR))]

mumukada Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > naaah…i prefer > Intrinsic P/E = [1/r] + [(ROE-r)/(ROE*r)]*[ROE*RR/(r-(ROE*RR))] but why, its longer and more entries. you should follow the easiest way

siighh…where the sarcasm factor disappeared? it was a joke cjb…

I cant believe in a thread about uncontrollable urination, you people are really focusing on the intrinsic PE.

Keep up the good work.

leave us alone…we are nerds… can’t help it