Under 100 minutes left

i want to run away!!!

I’ll shine some moonlight on you and you’ll turn back itno equity_research_nds :slight_smile:


We got fun and games

i hope this is suppose to be a joke coz i aint laughing

You’re an animal!

88 Minutes

what happens if CFAI announces that they have postponed the result declaration by say 2 days ??

Then we all b!tch and moan and wait another 2 days.

there will be riots in Charlottesville. anyways - not going to happen. I am sure they have been ready to pull the trigger for the past week. The last week has probably been spent doing test runs, creating press releases. We would of been notified of any potential delays much earlier.

under 4800 secs… 4799 4798 … tonite…we dine in hell…

how many papers are yet to be checked??? any guesses…

4500 seconds

1000 odd

The Repeater Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how many papers are yet to be checked??? > I think about 100…(of course conditional upon them not taking a pee break)

Seriously, the tension is unbearable, I am going down the gym to run some threadmill -_-|||

less than an hr!!!

I had a horrible night’s sleep and was still able to get up at 5:45 and go to the gym. That just doesn’t happen on any other day.

i m really scared… i am almost sweating

miyer Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i m really scared… i am almost sweating You sure its not from the hot dog you’re eating? only kidding, trying to break the tension.