Undergrad admissions question

So a friend is applying to undergrad, and he can go online to check his admission status. One school gave him a campus email address (e.g., joeblow12345@school.edu) even though his status is still pending. I am guessing he got in, but I’m not sure how this stuff works these days. Any thoughts?

This reminds me of when I took CFA level 2 in 2008(?). They were allowing us to register for level 3 the weekend before results came out and everyone was freaking out about the meaning. What a debacle!

This sounds promising and I hope it works out for your friend. Good luck!

I’m about 80% sure he got accepted. Here’s my take on what happened: The admissions group makes decisions and sends off notification to the campus IT people to set up emails. A separate group (or person) mails out acceptance notices. If this happened over Christmas break, the group/person that care of acceptance notices was taking vacation time (or just screwed up). So, your friend should be getting their acceptance shortly.

^ Good points by busprof. A very similar thing happened to me when I was applying to business school a few years ago. There was a website for candidates to check their application status, and while there was no definitive “you got in!” checkbox (as this was a few days before decisions were supposed to be announced), my log-on screen looked slightly more encouraging than that of some others I talked to. I also validated this observation with a few others who actually had seen the same screen I did. A few days later, the good news came in.

Not saying that this will be the case with DonDraper’s friend as you never know how these things work out, but this does sound enecouraging.

Why would an undergrad institution automatically provide email addresses to every accepted student? I’m guessing their yield isn’t 100%, so it’s pretty presumptuous to create an email address for every admit. Not trying to rain on your (or your friend’s) parade, but worth considering.

I think it’s just part of their scheme to make the student feel more integrated into the student body. It’s just another way of building a sense of attachment within the candidate.

Good points, thanks everyone!

I am really hoping he gets in, the young man has come a long way over the years. I agree that he probably got in (busprof’s scenario seems logical) but I guess we won’t know until we know.

Thanks again!