Undergrad employment while studying for CFA

I plan to take my CFA Level I within the next year as I fnish up my degree in economics. However, due to recent and unexpected circumstances, I am now responsible for paying for my college tuition for the upcoming Fall '13 semester (one more semester needed to graduate) and even after filing my FAFSA and applying for scholarships, I do not have nearly enough to pay off my past balance and enroll for the fall semester at this time.

I have received mixed reactions, some say it’s a very bad idea to take a semester off, and others are in favor of saving up and getting back on my feet financially before graduating. Thoughts?

If I do have hold off, I understand this might make landing a paid internship difficult if I am not enrolled in the fall. I would still like to find a entry level finance position that pays decent and will provide relative information that I can benefit from as I prepare to take the CFA. I am asking for advice on what kind of positions are out there like this for someone who has not yet completed their bachelors?

I really want to find a decent paying finance job and am considering looking for a second night job barbacking or bartending just to ensure that I will have enough money saved up to pay off my tuition in the Spring semester. I am open to different options as well but any advice or recommendations from similar experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Sorry to hear about your sudden circumstances. How much money do you need exactly? Can you just get a loan and pay it off after graduating? Your earnings potential will be much higher after you get a university degree, so this would probably be more efficient than stopping out of school.

^This, could you get a private loan? Interest rate will likely be much higher than your govt loans but you could hopefully land a decent paying job with your degree to pay it off over time.

Try and find an advisor that could use an assistant.

i agree with the above comments. Worrying about passing the cfa exam should be the least of your concerns. Stay in school and graduate, with loans if needed. Work to get money as needed. Nothing good will come from taking a break from school, especially just to work a random job.