Understanding the questions!!

I have this problem of not understanding or misinterpreting what the question asks. Some of the time I can only understnd what it asks after reading the answer. I donno if its my english, the way I think, or just fatigue. Do u guys have the same problem?

It’s not your english although that probably doesn’t help. I am a natvie speaker and I often don’t really know what they are asking.

^Same here.

The CFAI exam format is stupid. Vignettes test ability to wade through BS to find relevant info. What’s that testing? Just give me the question straight up, and I’ll answer it. Most of the time, the first paragraph or two is a time waster. I don’t need to know anybody’s background or some clever name you’ve given to the analyst or the company. Most vignettes are really just 6 questions mashed into one. Here’s how they work… Para. 1 – BS, ignore Para. 2 – more BS, skip it Para. 3 – that’s really question 1, but you have to turn the page back and forth five times to figure out what they’re asking, then try to answer it with the choices on page 3 and the details on page 1. What a f**ing waste of time and energy, and it adds no value to the test quality. Para. 4-9 – more of the same. I really love it when a critical piece of information falls into one line on the next page, so you don’t even see it (like on L2 2007). MCQ’s are designed to trick you. I’d rather they just ask me. If I don’t know it I don’t deserve to pass. If I know it, I do deserve to pass. Period. OK I’m done venting now. Thank you for your time.

but life is about BS… at work, when they give you a scenario it;s never clearly drawn out what should be done… it’s mixed with a lot of random a-s-s facts…

Lol my favorites were double negatives… “which factors will not be affected negatively with a decline in the interest rates”

My beef is less with the extra crap, which I can sift through quickly. It’s the page turning that bugs me. Half the time, I get it wrong because I thought Joe said this and Mike said that, but it was the other way around. I prefer the AM template where the quote is right there. You circle Correct or Incorrect in the box next to it, write your reasons and you’re on your way. You don’t have to read the vignette.

yeah, I think CFAI is good in this regard.seems like a lot of 1 pagers, short and sweet… every time though, i curse schweser because it’s just NEEDLESS…

I think we are all hitting the same thing Boredom (the questions are not all that sexy) and Burnt Out - On an extension of what TooOld said - I cant stand when they give all these complex names and I cant figure out who is what and I have to keep going back and rereading it - Its like: Ming Ming Johnson works for Ling Xiu who works for UberDuber Capital Manangement who manages the assets for JurgenDorfBurg Co’s DC plan (JDB). Vladamir Rodriguez works for JDB, has $3M in the JDB DC, is 43 years old and has 22 years till retirement and then plans to live another 20 years with his wife Hilda Mortiz and his maintain the family housekeeper Inga Johansen and 45k per year. Inflation is expected to be 4% / year. Vladamir’s shoe size is 10 1/2… What could Ming Ming recommend to Hilda regarding the best tax treatment of their assets? ??? WHO? WHAT? WHO? WHERE? ???

Level 1 exam was freaking unbelievable for the double negatives, then the double answer questions to boot. But yeah, I really really really have to focus when reading the questions. Sometimes I wonder about the English of the writers.

I was thinkning the exact same thing this morning. For the most part, I think many of us have a good grasp of the material and can even go as far as decribing it to a lay person. But if you can’t find exactly what the question was aking for, you’re lost.

turkish_dude Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Lol my favorites were double negatives… “which > factors will not be affected negatively with a > decline in the interest rates” You didn’t quote that right: “Which factors will not be affected negatively when a decline in the interest rates REVERSES” :wink:

yeah L1 and L2 had a lot of those. just a way of weeding out ppl… now in L3 the issue is different, I just can read the question writer’s mind sometimes, (or read what I want to read rather than what he wrote) I am probably just tired

"Vladamir’s shoe size is 10 1/2… " Oh greeat, we gotta know about shoe sizes now? What Rdg is that from…? Now I know i’m in trouble;o)

Jerry has been known to visit Emperor’s Club VIP without protection. Does this indicate higher willingness to take risk?

^definitely higher risk

“Jerry has been known to visit Emperor’s Club VIP without protection” BTW - This may or may not be misconduct per the Standards - did he put it on the Corporate AMEX and/or did he show his CFA tatoo on his ass to the dancer? Or was the lapdance a gift from a client or a non-client trying to seek influence?

It’s not a violation if the gift is token. That used to mean < $100.

SO basically you should only put one $100 bill in your mouth each time… GOT IT…

Can no less agree. IN fact, Schweser mock questions give you a very good feel of this through their vignette questions on whether the statemetns are correct or incorrect.