Undo pasting in Excel with multiple tabs selected

I haven’t saved my workbook in the last hour and I accidentally had multiple tabs selected when I pasted several hundred rows of formulas. This essentially wiped out 90% of what I’ve been doing and it won’t let me undo. Any suggestions other than taking a deep breath and starting over?

Sorry, you are out of luck here. Unless your autosafe was off and you can just close without saving and reopen, taking a deep breath is all you can do at this point.

ctrl + s learn it, use it (quick save) I probably hit those 2 keys every few minutes, habit I guess - but I’m glad I have such a habit

ctrl + s wouldn’t help much if you are saving your work while simultaneously destroying it by having multiple tabs selected (without an intent of doing so) and proceeding with any changes. Saving important files under different names while in the process of building them is an option for at least partial save, if something like this happens.

*Deep Breath* I’m a little past ‘learning’ ctrl + s in my excel knowledge but perhaps I should use it more than I currently do (never). I actually did have a separate workbook saved and have already rebuilt to the point that I was at. Thank you both for your responses.

microsoft products normally keeps an intermediate/hidden temp file stored in the same location as the main file. the problem is that excel files aren’t defaulted that way (only *.doc files are). so, sorry, can’t help you there. unless you had this option checked and you can somehow get to the hidden cache file, then maybe you have some luck.