Unemployment rate for people with level 3 CFA exam passed in the USA?

How many people have the level 3 CFA exam passed but are unemployed? Any statistics on this?

I passed the first 2 levels of the CFA and am having an extremely hard time getting an interview, even though I have a job! I mean I can understand it being difficult to get another job but I can’t even get an interview! :frowning: And I have GMAT score of 740.

I took a break from studying because of other more important non-career issues but am aiming to pass the level 3 in June. Do you think my job prospects will increase after passing level 3?

My only other option is BSchool, which I really really do not want to do go and take on a loan :frowning: but I am getting desperate. All these letters and can’t even get an interview.

I’m only interested in USA job prospects and I’m only interested in jobs where the CFA is relevant. Not interested in doing something like marketing after CFA. I’ve given up on anything investment research, Ibanking, PE, etc… related as I don’t have the job experience. Sales is something I can’t do.



What’s your educational background ? CFA is not a magic tool that opens you all the gates. School rankings are way more important. Someone with a good but not exceptional university like Uni of Florida for example + a CFA charter is miles behind someone coming out of Wharton or Stanford…

When I was studying for level III I was given notice in January that the company I worked for was being shutdown and I would loose my job in October. Wasn’t getting much luck finding opportunities when I was just a level III candidate, but when I passed and got my Charter in August, there was much more opportunities and I was able to find a job before I lost mine. I was pretty close to having to attend my local CFA society awards ceremony as unemployed.

So yes, I would say getting your Charter helps with jobs, but I don’t know how much it helps just passing level III and not having your Charter

The total lack of any information that an employer might care about in the original post is not a great sign.

There’s a great oasis of wealth, beauty and all that is splendid waiting for you across the finish line – including pharmaceutical-grade stuff.


Thanks! This gives me some hope! This is exactly how I feel right now. I have 4 years experience so I should able to get the CFA designation.

I went to a decent undergrad school but didn’t have stellar grades - GPA of 3.07 and that’s why I started my career very subpar. Trying to make up for it now with CFA and other stuff. I haven’t gone to B school yet but am considering that as my last resort get out of jail card.

Like what? Work experience? Which is what I’m lacking obviously but it’s the chicken or egg thing. I can’t have experience without a job but I cant get a job without experience.

I’m looking for entry level - not looking to come in as some senior guy.

Um… like your age (I guess you later implied you are 26 or 27), what your current job is, any skills, what school you went to (what does “decent” mean?), what you studied… I am not intentionally being mean, but this shows a complete lack of awareness on what matters to employers.

People here can help you, but you also need to provide some direction and ask the right questions.

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gmat 740? why don’t you apply for an mba program? should get into at least one school in the top15 in the US. after an mba you will never need to take the cfa level III. mba from top15 or top10 will get you into finance front office jobs. maybe not at Citadel or Blackstone but at one of thousand other banks or funds out there. then you learn your stuff from sr analysts, and make your own know-hows and you’re golden. at that point you don’t need some cfa crap jammed into your throat to learn about capm, or required rate of return calcs, or DDM lol. At that point instead of coming on to AF forum where everyone can be anyone, you can actually use your MBA alums for real help. thank me later.

With a 740 GMAT, 3.1 GPA and two levels of the CFA completed, you will be an excellent candidate for B-school if you have some work experience. If you go to a Top 40 or so school you should be able to find a money management position. Schools like IU, SMU, UT-Austin, Wake Forest will all be good for that. At a school like SMU, you should get quite a bit of scholarship support with that GMAT.

Hey hey hey come on now, this is AF, now WSO. We have standards here.