Unexpected parcel

I received a parcel from my sister-in-law: 4½” × 4½” × 6¾”. Inside was a lot of packing material, and a dirty baseball. It was a game ball from a game played on May 6, 1969, in Westchester (Los Angeles), CA. My first no hitter. Final score: Giants 16, Colts 0. (We were up 24 - 0, but the game was called (darkness, maybe?), so the score reverted to the last complete inning.) I’d been looking for that ball for quite a while. (The other baseball I want to find was autographed by Jim Lefebvre: it was my first year in Little League, and he autographed a baseball for each player in our league: about 800 balls. Mine read, “Dear Bill: Best Wishes, Jim Lefebvre”. One of about 800, all hand-written. He probably couldn’t throw for 8 months thereafter.)

Wow. s2000magician is Blake. Who knew???

Would you say throwing a no hitter in little league is just like throwing a no hitter in the majors?


But that was the first of five or six that I threw, in Little League, Pony, and Colt. I’d say that doing it in Colt was very close to doing it in the majors. (Though, truth be told, I have no solid basis for comparison. Call it a hunch.)

Good. You’ve passed Blake’s interview. Welcome to your new role as his assistant programmer in charge of resetting the router in his mom’s basement.

I thought the exact same thing.

You were a professional baseball player?

Nope. Hence, the lack of a solid basis.

I was really, really good through Colt (and in high school), but I started university when I was 16; 16-year-olds cannot play ball against 18-to-21-year-olds. And by the time I was 18, I was two years out of practice, and on to other things.


Wow i remember we used to play ‘baseball’ with sticks and cans back in Russia because we didn’t have any proper equipment. Good times

What is the key takeaway? Understand the question before you attempt to derive an answer. After you understand the question, if you are going to make a calc or attempt an answer, use the correct assumptions.

Use common sense. Obviously a no hitter = a no hitter. Why would you fight this? And who here has the background to come up with an alternative metric to disequate the two. It is laughable.

You are all a bunch of zips! Anytime I need a laugh I come visit the idiots in the AF WC.


did you routinely throw in the mid 80s?

Wow! You have captured the very soul of Blakeness.

Nope: stopped in the mid '70s. By the mid '80s I was married, with two sons and a daughter on the way, done with graduate school, and working as a warhead designer.

I’m surprised you knew what baseball was in Russia.

LMAO. I was talking mph ya zip.

I’m guessing this thread is dedicated to Blake.


Mid 80s to low 90s.

And a curve that broke three feet: Threw it at the batter’s head; it would break across the center of the plate between his waist and his knees.

^something doesn’t add up. if you threw in the mid 80s and could throw a strke 30% of the time (not to mention your pedro martinez-like curveball) you would have made a college team even with two years off. you don’t just lose your velocity at the age of 18. one month of working out and you would have had it back.

my guess is you were the scorekeeper for your Colt team. LMAO.

Yeah, something doesnt add up. In the 70’s mid 80s to low 90s would be pretty good for college level

Poor guess.

I played ball for fun. I never considered it as a profession.

Short-sighted, perhaps, but there it is.