unfair digital tech tax

france plans to impose a digital tax on us tech if eu cannot come up a tax law. i think the us needs to seriously shut them the fuck up.

Well, the whole of Paris is rioting because some Facebook group got out of hand. At the very least, there will be some non trivial regulation, fines (which are basically tax), or other retaliation by France or the EU to FB, Google, and their like.

interesting. i never saw you as the type of person that would blame social media as the root cause for sour grapes and bad apples.

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It’s not my opinion. There are certainly underlying societal problems that gave rise to these protests. However, social media, and Facebook in particular, are widely believed to foment large scale riots like those that are occurring in Paris. The Yellow Vest movement was directly enabled by Facebook, and the platform is blamed for its algorithms that viralized seditious posts from the movement’s main figures.

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