Uni student wants to take CFA exam

Hi everybody I’m a 3rd year student studying BCom(Finance)/LLB (5 year program). The BCom component will be finished at the conclusion of this year. What I would like to do is to take the CFA Level I examination this December and possibly take the Level II in my 5th year. I do realise that the requirements for the sitting of the examination are: holding a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, work experience, or being a final-year student. What I am trying to ask is: are the guys who accept applications that strict? I’ve read the sample exam questions and the finance, economics and accounting questions seem very similar to those in my uni exams so I was hoping to get the 1st exam out of the way while the content was still fresh in my head (after a few weeks of intensive review of course). Anyone else is a similar position or knows someone who is? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Don’t post the same question in multiple forums. Thanks.