United States here I come

Today I was in a meeting when I receieved an Email from a certain US embassy stating that my administrative process has been finished and I have to travel there to pick it up.Given the country I come from that was not such an easy task,the next challenge is getting into a decent undergrad program and hopefully graduating with a decent gpa.It is my goal to be an M&A associate in an IB by the age of 40,this forum has helped me clear my mind and set my goals in a better way.I wish to thank a few of the posters for their insight:

  • Numi: For letting me know that I can choose rocky as my role model for becoming a BSD in Finance.
  • Sweep the Leg :For his brutal honesty,helping me to mould my personality before entering and thinking of entering a tough market.
  • Black Swan :the dude was plain and simple just like a real man ,he was there in my countless PM`s I sent him.
  • Ohai :One of the nicest fellows on AF,his humor is a big sign of his intelligence,I truly respect and admire his help in basically writing my SOP,ohai I will never forget what you did.
  • S2K :I know he is here to help.
  • Greenman: Very funny guy,like him because of what he did to be where he is now.
  • Bchad: The amount of time this fellow dedicates in helping others(measures by the lenght of his comments)is truly worth a big thank you.

I am sorry if I forgot any particular names that deserves mentioning but then again memory is not my best function.

I hope this forum develops into a better place both in terms of the quality of the posts and the humor and fun involved.Now I know why trolling is so much frowned upon.

All the best


Good luck, man! Be sure to keep in touch with any questions or frustratios you run into!

Conan Discomfort


is this a good bye post? Going to a place without internet access?

No love for the brotha, huh…

Only one other foreigner could’ve made a more profound impact on America over the last 10 years.


So did you shave before your interview, or did you roll with the terrorist look?

^ Dude, he didn’t thank you either!

@Black Swan-I will sure do bro

@CVM-A brotha from a different mother,dude you are one funny BSD,I liked your previous Avatar more though

@higgmond-I shaved it off,I presume it wouldnt have made a difference however It made me look younger by at least 5 years.

I like you, do you like me? In Kazakstahn we think America technologely very good, and now I see is a very primitive.

A famous qoute by Borat was so good I put in my signature.

I’m the token white guy he didn’t thank so he could avoid thanking you without making it look racist.