universities approved for cfa

1.i created an account on the CFA website and when i tried to put in my education info the university i am persuing B.com from wasnt in the list…its a private university…so how can i find out if my university is acceptable for me to enroll in cfa 2.when i had made my account i clicked on “enroll for cfa” link…but than i closed the window…when i went back there it had been replaced by “enroll for cfa level 1”…i went to history and tried going back to link but it said “you have already registered for this curriculum”…did i mess up something?

The CFA website is very straightforward. Login again and retry. I don’t think your university will be a problem.

how are u so sure about the university? did u look up about it? :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve registered and there was no special request about my university

well i just had to enquire about my university…does cfa institue require the papers of ur graduation when u apply for level 2?

what i know is that you cannot appear on level II exam if you are still in university; but i know few people who did it in their last course of graduation (taking level I in december, and level II in june)

What should I do if the name of the university I graduated from doesn’t appear on the list of universities provided?

what univrcity u go to?