University of Chicago - Financial Math program

Hi, I’ve just been accepted to the program, and the university recommended this list of books: J. Hull: Options, Futures and Other Derivative Securities. Prentice-Hall Neil A. Chriss: Black-Scholes and Beyond, Modern Option Pricing. Irwin Darrell Duffie: Dynamic Asset Pricing. Princeton M. U. Dothan: Prices in Financial Markets. Oxford Mary L. Boas: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences. John Wylie P. Wilmott, S. Howison, J. Dewynne: The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives. Cambridge University Press. P. Wilmott, S. Howison, J. Dewynne: Option Pricing, Mathematical Models and Computation. Oxford Financial Press. Does anyone have any suggestion of which one I should pick up first? I have the Hull book, but I haven’t read it cover to cover, just a few chapters here and there to support the CFA study. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!