Unlevered Free Cash Flow

I know what it is. Even if I don’t know, I can google it and find it in a second. However, my manger at a firm wants the definition of “Unlevered Free Cash Flow” from some reputable sources, not wikipedia. I looked through my CFA level I and II books and did some research, but couldn’t find anything!!

Do you happen to know? thx.

I don’t, but really? What could be more reputable than wikipedia (I’m serious)? Wikipedia is godly, I use it for everything.

wikipedia also generally cites references. so you can quote wikipedia and point to the original source without making a reference to wikipedia. makes it look legit

i looked the formula up online and from what i can tell it is basicly FCFF from EBIT except EBIT is replaced with EVA definition of NOPAT (adds back amortized GW and adds back net deferred taxes. in other words i did not see unlevered FCF per se in any CFAI text.

Idf you wanted to try you could do a search for the term in google and limit results to .edu domains. then pick from the good biz schools