Ok, so I’m at a coffee shop this morning working through some item sets on Corporate finance. Its a little chilly outside and I’m sitting next to the door, so my hands, feet and nose are all fairly cold. As I’m struggling with this one question - and am nearly 5 cups of coffee deep - some a-hole eating breakfast with his fat wife interrupts me and, I swear, says, “Excuse me, you’re sniffling a lot and I find it annoying. Could you go blow your nose?” It took every ounce of will power not to tell him that the fact that his wife’s stomach was spilling out over her jeans disgusted me and, if he could, please keep her out of my sight and strapped to a treadmill until she lost 40lbs. The man has no idea how close he came to his own end today.

wow i would have made americas most wanted after some one did that to me…

i actually reached for my fork at one point… it could have gone either way for a while there.

That annoys me just to hear that story. There’s no way I could of held back and not said something back to him. I know how ya feel brotha, quite the nerve some people have

hahahaa we would have violated the code of ethics: dont engage in illegal shit they should make that a question clipper 1 a cfa candidate is studying and some jack ass annoys him. clipper subsiquently stabs him and smacks his fat wife has he violated the code of ethics? A) no, the jackass deserved it B) yes, dont engage in illegal shit lol

I really really feel for you too clipper; I probably wouldn’t have been able to hold my tongue. I can’t believe the nerve of some people…ugh; that’s why I like my dog better than most people!