Unsatisfied with my current Job

Hi Guys,

I work in a leading indian based consultancy firm in pittsburgh USA.My role is of business analyst in a regulatory reporting project.

I am on H1B visa and earn a little more than $60,000 annually.I am MBA and have cleared all levels of CFA and FRM.I have 2.5 years of work ex.

I am sorry but i aim for little big.Looking to enter into some IB as business analyst.I am open to relocation.I am looking for payscale of $120K+.

Is it possible with my profile?If it is not, i am also thinking about giving GMAT and might enter into 1 of top 10 B-schools.

Please suggest me if i should go with the GMAT option or can i get some good job with my current profile.

Thanks for your replies.

I thought you had your MBA. Are you considering re-doing it?

I did my MBA as a part of 5 year dual degree program(BTECH+MBA) which saved my 1 year.

So i can go for 1 year top tier MBA program if needed.

Is this a joke? because you are dreaming.

You think you can just double your salary right now by being a business analyst?? And then you think a top tier MBA program will still accept you while you already have an MBA?

This is a joke right?

^ calm down.

@ vaibhav

iv’e never heard of btech + mba.what degree is there on your certificate?

as a thumb rule no mba school will take you if uv’e already done an mba.try spinning that 1 year mba into something else or if there are seperate degree certificates don’t show the mba one and use it as a gap year or something.

if you’re at tcs they’ll have financial clients right?why not wait till you can jump into those clients first and then work your way up.

Some people have serious delusions that this is all so easy. Serious dose of reality is needed.

@ iteracom

Buddy chill down.This ain’t a joke.I have seniors from my college doing double MBA from ISB and IIMs in india.So its possible.So get your facts right before making any perception a reality.

And i know this isn’t easy.After doing hard work only i have cleared CFA and FRM exams.so i know exactly how much hard its gonna be.i am ready to put every effort.I am right now 25 so i have all the time for it.


If you are from india you might heard the name of IIITM Gwalior .This is a unique course offered by this institute in india .In my firm i am working for banks only.my concern is not over my role but rather my payscale.Also i am open to move into other roles as well.

No man not heard of it but what’s on your degree certificate?if it’s seperate then like i said you might want to use just one.

do you have a realistic shot at isb,iim?if you do take a year off and make sure you get in there.im sure you know what kind of salaries isb grads are pulling.you could probably land up back in the US at 90k+.

EDIT:just saw the end of your post.if it’s only the pay you’re worried about stick it out,work hard im sure you’ll rise fast.

Sir i do not know if i have a good shot at it or not.I just know that i am willing to put efforts if required.

As my course was integrated one there was only one degree certificate BTECH+MBA.

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This article made me think of this thread:


yeah,the top 15 schools are crazy though.recruiters from everywhere.european american singaporean gigs for 90k+ at a fraction of the cost of a american/european MBA.

the school ranked 15th had 55000 applicants for 220 seats.crazy shit.

15-100 are ok.decent ROI if you’re planning on staying in India.100 + and it all goes to shit

@vaibhav - More than anyone here I hv the same profile as you hv. MS (India) - started at 60k sal… CFA -passed all 3 levels, FRM… yes you can double the salary…you issue with 60k is b’coz the consulting company you are working is paying the minimum as presc by DOL - thats their cost adv to get the business. For all you know, the client is paying less than 60k and your guy is taking a hit - only with the anticipation that your co. will get a few seats filled offshore there by making up for the loss in paying you and a bit more. What you should do : You can’t expect the a better salary from your employer-from what you say it looks like you are paid right (according to your co,). You need to transfer your H1 to an American consulting co. (eg. Accenture etc) or smaller firms (read: more room for negotiation) - or find a job with a client who will transfer and get you as a Full time employee. Expecting 120k is a bit steep considering your experience. but you can do way better than 60k with financial client + BA role. Good luck

Thanks Raghavan!!

so is winning the lottery

@1BigStudMuffin - you are very right but only question is the exp Vaibhav has… I doubt but it’s not unheard of. @vai - 120k without benefits would equate to ~$60/hr… you might have some luck that way…