Unsure if I can get the charter…what do you think?

Hi, Though I have sufficient work experience I am unsure if I will be granted the charter. This is because currently I am working in the controlling department of a blue chip global corporate. Job related matters cover tasks such as working capital analysis (and of course recommendations), actual, forecast, budgeting reporting stuff and other analytical related issues (but the focus is not on CapMarkets anymore). Although there is no assurance about passing L3 I am considering applying for the charter, but as said I am unsure if CFAI will grant it to me. What do you think will this be sufficient to apply for the charter? I appreciate your thoughts. Thks!

doesnt matter what we say, you got to submit it to find out. You have no chance if you dont try, so fluff it good. gear it as well as you can to why it helps make investment decisions.

you will get it. cfai is not picky about experience.

Boris_7 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you will get it. cfai is not picky about > experience. You are quite wrong. You should do a search on this.

They are very, very picky about wording when you submit work experience. I got rejected at least twice.

ymmt - meaning - did they accept on the 3rd try?

That may be (that they are picky about wording) but in reality, they aren’t picky about your job. You have to demonstrate that what you do applies to the investment process, as far fetched as it may be. You just have to spin in the right way. There are only so many portfolio managers, and most CFA’s aren’t portfolio managers.

http://www.hksfa.org/Publication/Annual%20Reports/Annual%20Report%202007.pdf#page=12 “The applicants, under the new rules, are required to demonstrate that they spend over 50% of the working hours in job functions that are related to the investment decision-making process. Data collection for investment decision-making has been excluded under the new definition. Applicants possessing “grey-zone” job experience such as auditors, ***corporate financial analysts***, financial reporters, who have been recognized by the CFA Institute need to provide detailed job descriptions to the CFA Institute to demonstrate that their job experiences satisfy the new definitions.”

Just regurgitate the phrase “contributing to investment decision making” or something similar and you will get sign-off

My belief is that anyone can BS their way into getting accepted. You just need to assert that you contributed to the investment process and get your sponsors to vouch for you. I have seen auditors with CFA charters. Auditors.

Auditors?! Seriously?