unusual or infrequent items

Doesn’t an unusual event, by definition, have to be infrequent? And an infrequent event, by definition, have to be unusual? Basically I’m asking how will you know if an item will fall above or below the line on the income statement. How do you distinguish between unusual OR infrequent and unusual AND infrequent?

From any questions I have seen so far they will state “or” or “and”

My take on this is that there are 5 unusual or infrequent events, and they are gains/losses from: - business segment disposal - sale of subsidiaries - environmental remediation - impairments and restructuring - recently-acquired businesses Extraordinary items can be gains/losses from one of these three events: - expropriation of assets - uninsured damages from natural disasters - early retirement of debt The three extraordinary types of events are claimed to be both unusual and infrequent.

kant, I don’t think there’s any way around memorizing that stuff. Don’t worry about the semantics too much, just know which is which.

on the real test last june they always specified whether it was AND/OR