Up and over the "recommended 250 hours of study?"

You people going above and beyond the “recommended” study hours?

I find myself waking up in the middle of the night reciting the treatment of bonds on the financial statements, the 2-, 3-, and 5-part Dupont breakdown, and how to measure impairment of long-lived assets under IFRS and GAAP, among other things. And this happens regularly.

Who’s got big plans for June 3rd? It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can’t seem to see it…

lol interesting cgottuso8190 … i must admit my dreams are now haunting me constantly… but RELAX, im sure its going to be alright… and yes im quite above and beyond recommended study hours by now…

Slow down man. It’s just an exam. I don’t track my hours but I’m pretty sure I surpassed 300 hrs a long time ago. I’ve been taking it easy (haven’t had the time) in the month of May, studying mostly weekends only. If you don’t slow down you might end up in a straight jacket, and no proctor would let you enter the exam hall with that.

Im not dreaming with this yet but I’m just over 400 hours. With these 2 weeks left I plan to build up some confidence hit some weak areas and sharpen my strengths

lol jks.

I have been doing Mon-Fri reading sessions for many months now. I break that shit down into 30 pages a day. Nice and steady. I am a slow reader so it takes me like 4 hours to get thru 30 (but I take good notes and saturate it as I go along). So using my super-duper analyst skills:

2600 pages of actual reading pages and 30 pgs per five day week @ 4 hours/day comes out to 346 hours.

I think my weirdest moment has been reciting the relationship of ROE and retention rates on growth to my 22 month old son as I changed his nappie.

I haven’t been counting hours, but a rough guess based on how many hours a week I’ve been studing I would say about 350 ± 50 hours

I’m way over… must be 400 I’d say.