Up the bid, Down the Ask

Can someone please help me understand how the up the bid down the ask applies in this situation.

Per the Kaplan answer, the relevant rate to use is $1.4621 (60 day bid). I don’t understand why when calculating the mark to market in this situation, you don’t use the ask price of 1.4625. The way I see it (which is seemingly incorrect) is that your are purchasing GBP using USD/GDP pricing. Therefore, you are going down the quote and using the ask price.

As always, any help is appreciated!

An investor has entered into a 90-day forward contract to purchase 2 million GBP at an all-in rate of USD 1.4612. In 30 days, the following quotes were available:

USD/GBP spot rate 1.4522−24 30-day forward rate 1.4618−21 60-day forward rate 1.4621−25 90-day forward rate 1.4632−36

Interest rate information:

Interest rates** When contract was initiated **** Currently (t=30) **** USD **** GBP **** USD **** GBP** 30-day 0.20% 0.32% 0.20% 0.32% 60-day 0.21% 0.32% 0.21% 0.32% 90-day 0.21% 0.33% 0.21% 0.33%

The mark-to-market value of the forward contract is closest to:

“To unwind the forward contract, the investor would enter into a 60-day forward contract to sell GBP. The relevant exchange rate is 1.4621. The value obtained will be in price currency (USD) and would be discounted at USD interest rate for 60 days (at t=30).”

The answer is $1,800 btw.

Just remember that if you’re going up the ask, you’re doing it wrong.

all that stuff is total BS.

CFAI know the FX reading is all wrong. On the exam they will not use CCY1/CCY2 notation, so you don’t need to remember this rubbish.