Up until now Econ is...

More entretaining than L1 but you really need to hit a bunch of practice problems to get the hang of it…

Good to know its easy for you… Dont miss the brownie points you get here mate… I am not quite good in economics, but found it very easy in the test in June 2012. But I did put in huge amount of work there… Dont miss those easy scoring points… All the best.

@ Hamada how big is curriculum compared to L1

and is there any changes can i study from previous year material?

It’s just 3 units in 2013 vs 6 units in 2012. They are also revamped with all the 3 units being new. Emphasis is on Foreign Exchange.

They changed it completely from the 2012. While i was reading in Level 1 i found it so difficult to grasp the material because of all the theory, but now that im reading about Foreign Exchange its still hard, but since its a little more math it can be dealt with a little bit better

These are the level 1 formulas, do you have the L2 there? Thanks

I’m enjoying this economics study session, perhaps a little too much. I’m formerly a macroeconomist, so it’s reasonably familiar, but taught in a way that is intuitively appealing.

However, I may have lulled myself into a false sense of security so far as I’m hitting FSA next week…

econ and quant are easy points!

ummm… im even struggling with quant what will happen when i start difficult topics… *gulp*

Spoke way to soon (see above). Just spent two hours hacking through ten pages of the neoclassical model. Won’t be an issue with some revision, but you want to be all over the formulas (and intuition). Looks like an easy read to finish off the study session so I’d say this was the hardest part of Economics so far.

Don’t worry too much about quant…it usually is a very very small component of the exam ! When i took it it was one vignette only :slight_smile:

True Alladin. One vignette when I took it as well. The only word of caution I have on this is - NEVER ever believe people saying this portion is not testable OR something else is most common. You ask anybody who tool L2 this June, they will say - “we got the unexpected”… Linear regression is as important as multiple regression as important as Time series. If somebody tells you some other way, please dont believe them…

No harm trying to put in more effort on “frequently tested”, but that should not be at the cost of not reading the “not so frequently tested”… Sorry if that sounds like an advice… But…

thank you sooraj for making it clear… i will definitely spend time on all three readings and will do the best i can, just dont want to see level-2 books again after june 2013


Dont worry that your struggling with the readings, it happens too me too, but when i get to practice problems or blue boxes even though i struggle, after finishing i feel all i needed was the practice problems. For me at least this is where i actually learn