Upcoming exams

Hi everyone,

Regarding the upcoming exam window of march (level1), I have some doubts regarding the preparation of the exam, if you could please provide some feedback / advice on the following points I would much appreciate it.

1- Is the 3rd edition of the CAIA core book the latest edition? is there another one coming up soon? on amazon apparently there is a 4rth edition issuing late October.

2- Considering I have limited study time, would the UM study handbook be sufficient to achieve a basic level - solid enough - to start hitting the preparatory questions? or would you rather suggest to go for the core book, even if it takes longer, make an extra effort and just use the handbook as support material (if you support more this idea, would you recommend to just buy the core book + the Qbank?). I am some how basing this on the ‘no nonsense guide’ by eddyble, where he suggest you don’t need such a deep knowledge of all, would you agree on this?

3- In what order would you recommend study the chapters? any in particular?

4- Regarding all the formulas / statistics and financial/theoretical formulas, I understand you have to understand the concept and learn how to apply it more than learning by hard the formula, but, honestly, how hard is this area and how much it does represent in the exam? (my background is not that related)

Many thanks in advance,


I think Schweser was less useful for CAIA than for the CFA but still it is the most reasonable option to possibly pass this exam without reading the whole curriculum. Uppermark is OKay but contains some weird questions that real exam is not focusing on that part.

I did ok doing practice exams scoring in the mid eighties on both and I thought the exam was pretty much like the practice exams except for maybe a couple of questions.

We should think positive we don’t need perfect score or something like that 70% or maybe even less will do! All you need is a pass that’s it

I scored 70% in CAIA Mock and 51% in the CAIA mock from Kaplan.

the Kaplan mocks are so difficult but you do learn alot from them.

Was that for level 1? I did the Kaplan Mock this morning and scored 73% and I must say it is a very hard exam.

Sorry - that is for level 1.

Well done! great scoring.

Hi guys, is this Kaplan mock exam for free, where can I access it?

Also, if you could help me with some of the points mentioned on the first post I would appreciate it.


I don’t think you can access the Kaplan Mock for free. I can’t answer your other questions due to not having used Uppermark and I haven’t sat the exam yet (it’s next week - eek) but I’d say the Schweser books are great and I feel very well prepared.