Update: New Delhi Gang Rape Accused Hangs Himself

The main suspect in the gang rape and murder of a physiotherapy student in New Delhi last year has killed himself in jail, prison authorities said.

Ram Singh, the alleged driver of the bus on which the woman and a male friend were attacked, hanged himself in his cell at 5 a.m. today, Sunil Gupta, a spokesman for the city’s Tihar Jail, said in a phone interview. He was found hanging from a ceiling grill, Gupta said.



Most liked comment from my friend in facebook is “What the hell are others waiting for?”

killed himself?ha

Turns out that some Asians are well hung afterall?

Killed himself… yea sure he magically found a rope and a chair in his jail cell.

Regardless good riddance and saved the tax payers of India a few million dollars in legal fees.

I don’t think this is good news. Justice, in this case a death penalty, needs to be administered by the state after a trial.

It’s certainly not bad news.

I read he was raped by inmates. This is called “Instant Karma”.

Like the Palestinian terrorist (Abu Nidal?) who committed suicide in Saddam’s Baghdad by stabbing himself fatally 27 times.

Yeah it makes sense. This guy had to die as the lead guy in the incident. The rest of them can get life sentences. It appeases both sides. Well done.

Instead of the death penalty, they should just throw guilty inmates to the dogs like that scene in Django Unchained. Someone that acts like an animal should be treated like one.