Feel like I am going to puke… Schweser Book 3 & 4 this weekend.

Just finished Book 3 for a second time. I hate corporate governance! my 3 most hated are: GIPS Ethics Corp govern. moron

i thought the second time around will be easier. so i thought lets start with fixed income. you know how ppl have been saying that retention is poor and things look vaguely familiar … not true! … i’m staring at FI and thinking when did i do this before ? did i read this ? why doesn’t anything look even remotely familiar ? i pretty much studied reading 27 as if i’m doing it for the first time i really hope that this is not the case with rest of the sessions… or i’ll simply roll over and go mad

Thank god, there is hope for me!

I just finished book 4 again (Schweser). This book is a nightmare. Book 5 this weekend, then it’s into QBank, CFAI materials questions, and Practice exams for the last 5 plus weeks. 6 weeks today boyz and girlz. The light is there. Keep plugging along!!!

On the same page as all of you. Finishing my review of my handwritten notes and gonna try the first schweser exam tonight and tomorrow. Just think if we push hard for 6 weeks we could be charterholders very soon!! So cool!

i actually liked 4 and 5 books the most, i am going through book Schweser 1 and then for the next week 2 and 3