Updating My Bio

I passed level III this June. I am currently waiting for the infamous letter. My bio currently states that I am a level III candidate. Is there something else I can put on there while I wait for the letter? Thanks!

Not worth the effort…letter should be here soon. Relax.

That your alma mater is overrated… Change it to something like you successfully completed Level IIIof the CFA Program in 2007 and currently awaiting charter.

Charter Pending

Thanks! LOL- Eddie- we still have room on the bandwagon if you want to jump on… Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas!

I did the “passed all 3 levels, awaiting charter” thing on my bio. It’s easy for me to change internally, so I did.

And I also believe there is a little room left on the Rich Brooks bandwagon…even though the Brooks bandwagon looks more like a station wagon compared to Meyer’s ferrari.