Upgrading from BA II plus to BA II plus pro

Hi all, I have been using BA II plus and I was wondering is there any learning curve in using BA II plus pro. I am aware that Pro version has additional functionality but I was wondering whether the functionality of BA II plus are exactly replicated in the pro version. Essentially, what I know on BA II plus can be similarly done on Pro and would not require additional learning. Has any body got this sort of experience. Thanks S

Virtually the same. You won’t have a problem using the pro version. I have both and recommend the pro version.

Thanks gdiddy.

Does BA II plus has auto off mode? I was wondering since it has leather like sleeve it must be getting switched on accidentally?

They both have auto-off. The buttons on the BA II Pro are also kind of stiff, so it will take a bit more then a soft nudge to depress any of them.

I have the BA Plus II and the HP12c. I like the HP12c better because there’s no compute (cpt) button. I figure that will save a few seconds on the test. :slight_smile:

I bought the pro version and the buttons are really stiff. I feel that my fingers have worked out after a while!!